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Peak Fasten offers warehousing services for scheduled deliveries of both custom and standard fasteners to locations throughout the world. Peak warehousing services provide customers a seamless supply of fasteners from our inventory. Peak can streamline your production flow. You pay for the parts as you use them, eliminating the need for storage space. We can also meet your custom packaging and labeling requirements.

For blanket orders, we can warehouse a year‘s product volume. Peak can respond to any changes in your requirements, just send us a future plan, electronically transmitted schedule-and make it done!

The VMI system can handle any type of manufacturing environment regardless of size and location. Once set up, the VMI system can easily transform your in-house management inventory system into a lean and efficient supply chain. This will help you, our customers, to get your products where they need to be and on time.

Choose Peak Fasten’s warehousing service, you will enjoy benefits like

1. easy to manage and exceptionally effective system
2. bin quantities effortlessly adjusted and refined according to usage
3. optimal inventory level maintenance reducing overhead
4. reduction of overhead opening up valuable, usable floor space
5. easier-to-manage materials saving purchasing and production planning times
6. diminished product shortages
7. Just-in-time delivery service is customized to meet your needs.
For more information on our warehousing service, please send an email or call us at 0086 13027998452 in 24 hours.

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