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Fastener&Precision Parts Production

Peak Fasten stringent quality controls assure that customers will always receive a quality product. Our in-house testing facility is A2LA accredited for "Mechanical Testing" and the new requirements of ISO Guide 25, known as SO/IEC 17025.
Peak Fasten produces&stocks blank headed bolt in a wide variety of head styles and materials that can be threaded quickly to expedite delivery for rush orders.
Peak Fasten‘s equipment list includes hot forge upsetting and vertical presses, rolled and cut threading equipment, CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal benders, and various other specialized pieces of equipment.
Peak Fasten is continuously expanding the offered product lines, if you have a special manufacturing need, please give us a call in 24 hours at +86 130279984or contact us.

Peak Fasten Manufacturing Capabilities

Anchor Bolts & Hanger Rods
1/4" to 4"
6mm to 48mm
Round Bend U-Bolts
1/4" to 3/4"
6mm to 20mm
Square Bend U-Bolts
1/4" to 1"
6mm to 25mm
Cut Thread
1/4" to 4"
6mm to 100mm
Rolled Thread
Straight Die
1/4" to 1"
6mm to 25mm
Cylindrical Die
1/4" to 3"
6mm to 75mm
Hot Headed Parts
Closed Die
1/4" to 2 1/2" Heavy Hex x 38"
1/4" to 1 1/2" Heavy Hex by any length
Hot Headed Shapes
Fin Hex, Heavy Hex, Hex Flange, 12 Pt. Flange, Soc Cap,
Square Head, Round Head, Flat Head, Rod Ends
Full Thread, Double End, Tap End, Combination, Per Print Specials
CNC Machining
Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel and carbon steel precision parts
Specialty Parts
Swedge Bolts, Punched and Bent Plates, Linked Eye Bolts,
Welded Assemblies, Per Print Specials

Cold Formers
Roll Threaders
Bar Peelers
CNC Lathes & Mills
Vertical Presses
Cut Threaders
Bending Presses
Hydraulic Benders

Production Materials
Peak Fasten Tech is experienced in the manufacture of fasteners&precision Parts for a variety of applications. Since fastener applications present their own specific product requirements, we have experience in using a variety of product materials to ensure optimum performance. Peak Fasten can assist you in selecting the right material for your application for performance and cost-effectiveness.
4140 / 4340
304 SS
316 SS
A193 B16
A193 B7
A193 B8 / B8M
A307 A & B
A320 L7
A36 / A529 Gr. 50
Monel 400 / K500
 6061/6080 Al
 H59 Brass

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