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Robot industry faces concept innovation

Telease time:2016-09-08

  The traditional emphasis on machinery and equipment, only robot to replace human muscle power of narrow concept, gradually towards digital, perception closer to the characteristics of "people" aspects, such as expansion, defence and security, health care and public service such as the new development category derived accordingly.
  Currently on the market of robot can be roughly divided into the industrial robot, service robot and special robot three categories. Among them, the more concentrated in the field of industrial application in the 3 c (computer, communication and consumer electronics) manufacturing, logistics and agricultural and sideline products; Assistant, chat and escort robot in the field of service types of market space is very large; Special robot emphasizes cooperation and security, application mainly in the intelligent vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicles and other fields.
  Special robots, is a kind of manufacture environment for public security, investigation, police riot, unattended operation and other special purpose robot dangerous environment.
  However, the present situation of domestic robot and there is a big gap between what people expect.
  On October 20 to 25, "2016 world conference on robot" held in Beijing. Member of Chinese academy of sciences, huazhong university of science and technology, mechanical science and engineering, dean of the school of Ding Han said at the meeting, the current domestic industrial robots can only work in a structured environment, mostly online sensing ability is poorer, service robots also can only do some simple tasks, special robot is specific work needs to be done through remote control.
  Shanghai jiaotong university school of electronic information and electrical engineering automation the dean Chen weidong said the machine is no longer confined to the factory people separate and split, the relationship between services in the future, even if the industry, the relationship will develop for closer to partner sex equality relationship.
  Thus, the concept of "communion" robot arises at the historic moment. Ding Han said, that means being able to work environment, and other natural interaction, robot autonomous and collaborative robot to adapt to the complex dynamic environment, the characteristics of soft nimble distribution structure, the function of the multimodal perception, independently and the ability to work together.
  In July, the national natural science fund committee "communion robot basic theory and key technology research" formally approved by the major research plan, the plan is expected to invest 200 million yuan, designating for 8 years. The plan is mainly for domestic manufacturing, rehabilitation and defense security three aspects: the demand for communion robot, research firm soft of robot mechanisms and kinetics, the natural interaction between people and robot, and the operating system and swarm intelligence.
  As the starting point of the robot industry development, industrial robots have been abroad for more than half a century of development time, really only five to eight years in China, the Chinese in traditional industrial robots catch up with the abroad is very difficult.
  To shenyang siasun robot automation co., LTD., President of dao-kui qu believes that over the next five to 10 years, robot industry will get more rapid development in China, especially in the field of service robot and special robot, Chinese and foreign are standing in a the starting line, also faced with the turning point of the new technological breakthrough, it is an opportunity window for large market of China.
  Dao-kui qu believes that domestic service robots should be in the fire, rescue, care, care, health care, including public service areas such as making the first breakthrough. Among them, because the public service robot is easy to promote, it is easier to implement its first breakthrough. Its positioning accuracy, implementation, tracking and the starting point and sensing function, make its have perception system, can adapt to changes in the external industry and environment, the future is the development direction of intelligence.
  The ministry of civil affairs, according to data by the end of 2015, more than 60 years of China‘s elderly population reached 222 million, accounting for 16.1% of the total population. China disabled persons‘ federation, according to the current China‘s disabled population of 85 million, accounting for 6.21% of the total population. Can see that China‘s pension, assistive, rehabilitation, and other fields of service robot market demand is very big.
  Service robot compared with the past industrial robots, artificial intelligence, mechanical movement and control and specific scenarios applied the three points is consistent, but the humanization and socialization of service robots, different from simple mechanical movement of industrial robots, there is a lot of partner roles of robot under specific application scenarios, the layout of the industry have begun to certain.
  Is a mobile robot, operating, and the cognition to the environment, to help and care of the elderly and the disabled fitting, but really have the ability to help service robots on the market at present is very little. Chen weidong said that because the structure of the environment is facing service robot, unknown and dynamic, the perception of the robot, safety, and mobility brings a big challenge. Although it has a vast market, the current technical level has not reached the degree of market applications, it is urgently needs to solve the problem.
  Under the wave of the industrial transformation and upgrading, industrial robots is faced with the choice of the future development direction. "Industrial robots in the future to high-end, in the next five year plan take the lead to achieve the product‘s breakthrough. Industrial robots in the future to fully realize independent model in terms of programming, the man-machine collaboration, mobile robot and overloading robot is to focus on the direction of advance," dao-kui qu told reporters.
  According to data from the international federation of robotics (IFR), global industrial robot sales of 248000 units in 2015, up 12% from a year earlier. Among them, the industrial robots in 2015 sales in China in 2015, up 30.3% from a year earlier, accounting for forty percent global market share. Since 2013, more than Japan to become the world‘s industrial robot‘s largest consumer market, China has been the first for three consecutive years.
  Dao-kui qu in an interview with reporters, said the next 10 to 15 years, China will continue to maintain high-speed growth of the world‘s largest industrial robot market position and posture.
  Ontology robot localization market from the current gradually perfect, but the core components and integration technology has become the biggest challenges and bottlenecks.
  The core components of domestic robot under the level of traditional industrial manufacturing shows the characteristics of low, cannot satisfy the performance requirements. Controller, servo motor, reducer is three core component of the robot, 70% of the cost of the robot. Data according to the China electronic information industry development institute, 2015, about 75% of the domestic precision reducer imported from Japan, more than 80% of the servo motor and drive mainly depends on Japan and Europe and the United States imports, only one controller smallest gap at home and abroad.
  Listed holdings co., LTD., chairman of Shanghai Zhou Jinting, said the company‘s original a badminton with robots, but after high speed computing capture the trajectory to interact with people, who won two championships in the asia-pacific. But the core of the robot parts imports, even the most basic of servo motor and reducer. Domestic equipment and hardware is very much, but reliability and durability problems. Expensive import core parts, therefore, improves the cost in the process of manufacturing, application and market promotion, production cycle has been forced to extend.
  Robot how to adapt to the requirements of all walks of life is how to make all kinds of technology integration in a general control system, it is a common problem faced by the current robot company. Guangzhou CNC equipment co., LTD., deputy chief engineer Li Boji think robots headquarters, a few years ago the domestic level more than good system integrators for foreign brand integration services, given the current domestic robot level is not high, the possibility of their service which is not large, so the domestic market development is limited by a robot.