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Hardware mechanical and electrical enterprise low carbon environmental protection idea

Telease time:2016-10-12

  With the deepening of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, low carbon environmental protection way of increasing hardware and entrepreneurs, many hardware mechanical and electrical companies are moving in the field of energy saving, and obtained the certain achievement. But due to the economic interests of factors, the pursuit of low carbon environmental protection and the implement of enterprise in the whole share or less hardware mechanical and electrical industry.
  We all know, a lot of metal raw material and the production of hardware products, belong to high pollution, energy intensive industries. Metal mining, smelting and processing of raw materials has been listed as energy-intensive industries are indisputable facts. The current has been in the steel industry overcapacity crisis, and have been flagging sanitary hardware industry are saddled with high pollution, energy intensive.
  And along with our country the consciousness to improve the energy conservation and environmental protection, environmental protection industry progress, expanding consumer demand for environmentally friendly products, made in energy intensive and highly polluting hardware mechanical and electrical industry is in an awkward position, not the implementation of low carbon environmental protection will be more and more consumer criticism and rejection, production pressure also will increase.
  Environmental protection industry in our country has entered the important period of strategic opportunities of development, the domestic enterprises go the way of environmental protection is the trend of The Times, hardware mechanical and electrical industry, low carbon environmental protection way is sooner or later. Hardware mechanical and electrical companies cannot stay on the only environmental awareness but no action.
  Hardware mechanical and electrical industry with reduction, reuse, and resource into the principle, focus on resource consumption and waste emissions reduction. Increase the input of science and technology, and reduce the energy consumption when smelting metal raw materials, more to the recycling of waste water, waste gas, waste residue. Hardware products processing enterprises to develop the industrial circular economy in order to promote cleaner production, increase investment in energy conservation and emissions reduction equipment, reasonable use of equipment, low carbon economy development path.