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Hardware industry marketing mode analysis of advantages and disadvantages

Telease time:2016-11-07

  In recent years, the hardware market competition, and all kinds of disadvantages of traditional sales channels are also gradually exposed. In order to get advantage in the competition, hardware enterprises to actively explore new marketing mode, combined with the promoting function of the Internet, hardware industry increasingly diversified sales channels, this is a good thing, hardware enterprise can effective fusion each channel advantages, to borrow the power effectively avoid all kinds of risks.
  Store business: high cost of dependence is strong
  In recent years, hardware sales channels or concentrated in the stores, has a certain strength and reputation of hardware enterprises quicken the speed in large stores. Have the personage inside course of study thinks: brand hardware selection in open stores to sell at the stadium, on the one hand is to use powerful appeal stores to build own brand influence; On the other hand also took into account the store environment, marketing and service system and so on easy to business operations.
  But as stores rent is higher and higher, stores open a shop, raw materials, logistics costs are also increasing. A rising tide lifts all boats, bring is the high cost of hardware industry channels. In hardware and stores the relationship between enterprises suffer a few rely on the helpless. Own stores: economy, labor costs increase
  In recent years, more and more hardware enterprise development will focus on the independent shop business and management. Some hardware brand chairman said: "the standard store is a service platform, 2 it is through the uniform price system constraints, the store‘s bad behavior. Through the unified system of quality guarantee, the unification of the after-sales service standards, as well as public, supervision of mutual concern, this is what we want to make store mode."
  Actually, independents mode, opportunites and adjust own stores like a double-edged sword, for the development of economy, the human cost of own stores channel test will also be the important factor of enterprise development. In today‘s society, a store need to labor costs are also on the increase. Also, for each store, support, training is also an important input costs. Unit number of high cost, the cost of sales high, seems to be channels to a vicious cycle.
  Tooling channels: "money" way need to be careful
  A lot of city commercial housing from the semifinished product to fine decoration housing gradually shift. Hardware products, more and more applied in the fine decoration engineering, construction hardware product has become a very important channel.
  Electricity channel: mixed innovation and breakthrough
  On emerging electric business channels, some hardware companies think the expressive force of electricity is relatively less, material qualitative, details, installation effect cannot display, such as the hardware industry electronic commerce have this limitation. And other companies that electricity must be a new business model in the future. Channel chain like water, flow from dealers to terminals, eventually to flow to the consumer. Grasp the consumers‘ electricity consumption habit, will always be in accordance with the future development direction.
  Many hardware companies are starting to try hydropower business channels, but at present no one for a suitable for the development of the method and model. Future more hardware companies to explore some patterns, including expression. Efforts to break through the confine of show, make the electronic commerce system of expression to achieve a breakthrough.
  The diversity of marketing model to further promote the benign development of competition. Rising costs of the channel and homogeneity of products, has weakened the hardware the competitiveness of the enterprises in the terminal market, therefore, the importance of the construction of channels are increasingly apparent, build strong flat channel, offers a variety of types of channel experience or may become a new direction in the transformation of hardware upgrade.